30 Most Used Expressions in Deutsch and Their English Translation / Pronunciation

30 Most Used Expressions in Deutsch and Their English Translation and Pronunciation

If you’re looking to learn the most common expressions in Deutsch, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 30 of the most used expressions in Deutsch, along with their translations and pronunciations. From “Hallo” (“Hello”) to “Viel Spaß” (“Have Fun”), these expressions are essential for any German language learner. With these handy phrases, you’ll be able to communicate with ease in any German-speaking environment.


1.Hallo (Hello) – hah-low

2.Guten Tag (Good Day) – goo-ten tahg

3.Danke (Thank You) – dahn-keh

4.Bitte (Please) – bit-eh

5.Entschuldigung (Excuse Me) – ehnt-shool-dee-goong

6.Ja (Yes) – yah

7.Nein (No) – nine

8.Gut (Good) – goot

9.Schön (Nice) – shurn

10.Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye) – owf vee-der-zey-ehn

11.Guten Morgen (Good Morning) – goo-ten mor-gen

12.Guten Abend (Good Evening) – goo-ten ah-bent

13.Gute Nacht (Good Night) – goo-teh nahkt

14.Ich liebe dich (I Love You) – ikh lee-beh deech

15.Kein Problem (No Problem) – kine proh-blehm

16.Auf Wiederhören (Goodbye on the Phone) – owf vee-der-her-ren

17.Es tut mir leid (I’m Sorry) – ess toot meer lite

18.Ich verstehe (I Understand) – ikh fer-shtay-eh

19.Ich weiß nicht (I Don’t Know) – ikh vise nikt

20.Eine Frage (A Question) – eye-neh frah-geh

21.Etwas (Something) – et-vahs

22.Können Sie mir helfen? (Can You Help Me?) – kern-en zee meer hell-fen

23.Wie geht es dir? (How Are You?) – vee geyt es deere

24.Lass uns gehen (Let’s Go) – lahs oons gey-ehn

25.Wie heißt du? (What’s Your Name?) – vee hice doo

26.Sehr gut (Very Good) – zayr goot

27.Ich bin müde (I’m Tired) – ikh bin moo-deh

28.Ich bin hungrig (I’m Hungry) – ikh bin hun-greeg

29.Was machst du? (What Are You Doing?) – vahs mahkst doo

30.Viel Spaß (Have Fun) – feel shpahs


Learning the most used expressions in Deutsch is a great way to improve your German language skills. With these 30 expressions, you’ll be able to communicate with ease and have fun in any German-speaking environment. Whether you’re saying “Hallo” (“Hello”) or “Viel Spaß” (“Have Fun”), you’ll be able to express yourself with confidence.

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